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What makes a good life

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A Good Life

I’m lucky.

I know it.

I have two beautiful children, a partner who’s with me every step of the way and a career that both challenges and rewards me every single day. When I think about how I want to look back on my life as it eventually draws to an end it’s that I’ll be able to say “Mission Accomplished”.

And what’s the mission? Well, the children. Making sure that I’ve given everything that they need to be sure that they can have a happy life as well. Making sure that I’ve guided them well, taught them the difference between right and wrong – not by telling them, but by showing them. That I’ve given them all the love that my partner and I can both give them. They’ll find their own opportunities in life, we just need to make sure they’re open to them.

So what has all this got to do with Grab?

Well I think there are parallels between my hopes for my kids and working at Grab. We have a mission here too. It’s slightly different but shares a lot of the same DNA. It’s about having an impact.

Yes, that impact can be in your day to day working life. It can be making an impact on someone you work with, helping them, encouraging them, guiding them to live up to their own potential.

But it goes deeper.

We’re all aware at Grab of the impact that we can have on the community. Talk to any Grabber and they’ll tell you a story of how a driver- or a merchant-partner has taken them aside when they heard they worked for Grab and explained what a difference it has made to their life. There are millions of people in Southeast Asia benefitting from what we’ve created because it allows them the freedom to do what they do.

So, in a very big way, Grab is part of what makes me be able to say “I love my life” – it’s a big part of what makes me feel, even now, that when I look back on my life I’ll know it was a good one.

I know too that we’ll have made it possible for other people to say that too.

Mission accomplished.

Everybody can make an impact at Grab, start by finding the role that’s perfect for you at