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Grab makes life easier

Copy Of Pakamol@2X

I use the Grab app on a daily basis, so I'm also a consumer. It just makes my life easier, whether I'm ordering food or getting transportation. And, in the two years since I joined Grab, I've seen it grow into so much more than these things. Whether it’s new products or features, the goal is always to make life more convenient for consumers – and that really resonated with me. 

On the flip side, I can say the same about being a Grab employee (or Grabber as we call ourselves) – working here makes my life easier and more enjoyable too. 

I get the best of both worlds with hybrid working. When I work from home, I get to spend more time with my family and when I come to the office I get to see my team and socialise. And that’s like a different sort of family time. We are a team of eight, so we’re quite close to each other and, because I work in strategy, I get to interact with different teams in different ways. We also have a few new Grabbers joining the team who, funnily enough, I know from university so I’m excited to welcome them and show them how we work and hang out as a team. 

Some of us play sports together but mostly, we love to eat and go to restaurants. I’m a fan of anything barbequed or Sukiyaki because it means we all get to share a huge pot of delicious food while we catch up or get to know each other. When I first started at Grab, I was young and quite shy, but socialising like this quickly helped me feel a part of the team and all the other Grabbers made me feel so welcome. I can’t wait to do that for our newbies. 

If I could sum up life at Grab in three words it would be: flexible, evolutionary and life-changing… Okay, I suppose that’s four but it still counts. This really is a place to live your life and learn the lessons that come with that – both inside and outside of work. Grab has evolved but it’s still like a start-up because we still learn something new every day.

I love how the company operates and I feel lucky to be able to work based on my own experience with the app and my own sentiment, to create the best journey for everyone – including myself!


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