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About us (Purpose)

For over a decade, we've championed what's good for communities and the environment, nurturing economic empowerment, sustainability, and quality of life in Southeast Asia. Join Grab and make progress happen – with our platform for the people.

Turning the flywheel

We spin the flywheel for change in everything we do – each small success builds momentum, creating a domino effect of improvement and growth. From economic empowerment to creating a healthy and sustainable marketplace, to providing a better quality of life for people in the region, it's been amazing to see how small but significant changes can send a positive shift rippling through the whole community.

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You make the change happen

At Grab, your role isn't just a job – it's a chance to be part of something bigger. You're contributing to real change in Southeast Asia. Whether it's providing safer travel for people, supporting local businesses, or making a positive impact on the environment, your work at Grab is making a difference. So, when you join us, you're not just an employee; you're a changemaker in the everyday lives of people in the region.

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Grab gives women peace of mind as a safer transport option.

Opportunities for all abilities

Grab believes that anyone, regardless of background or ability, should be able to benefit from the digital economy.

We've created jobs for over 2,000 individuals with disabilities, and in 2022, we launched the GrabAccess programme in Indonesia and Malaysia – ensuring equal earning opportunities for persons with disabilities (PWDs).

We've also collaborated with local NGOs to onboard and train marginalised individuals – helping them to seize these opportunities on our platform.

And, we continuously look at ways to make the platform more accessible – for example, creating in-app features that facilitate communication between our PWD drivers and their passengers.

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There was no problem getting set up to drive with Grab.

Your impact by numbers


  • 26% increase in average monthly earnings by small merchant-partners
  • $10.6 billion earned by partners on Grab in 2022
  • 10% increase in average online earnings per hour for driver-partners in 2022 compared to 2021


  • 1 in 20 people in Southeast Asia use Grab
  • 99.99% of rides and deliveries occur without a safety incident
  • 100% of Grab employees and contingent workers are trained in cybersecurity and safe data handling


  • 8,100 tonnes of waste diverted from landfills
  • +774 million sets of single-use cutlery saved thanks to opt-out options
  • +48,000 tonnes of Greenhouse Gas emissions reduced

We’re all part of something bigger

We’re building a future for everyone at Grab. We help our partners and local businesses build sustainable livelihoods and prepare for any economic challenges.

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