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How we hire

Life is all about opportunity – that’s why we want you to make the most of your interview experience with Grab. Here, you’ll find the steps to our recruitment process along with hints and tips to help you on your way.

The Application Process

What can you expect when you apply for a role at Grab? Here’s what our hiring process looks like.

Additional tasks for tech talent

For our technical roles, there may be some additional tasks or assessments such as a coding or technical assessment round.

*Note: Sometimes, assessments will be sent ahead of intro calls depending on the volume of applicants.

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Silver medallists can still get the gold

For each person who gets an A+, there are those who get As and Bs! We call them silver medallists. They have all the skills and the culture fit but they narrowly missed out. Rest assured, we keep those talented folks in mind, considering them for when other opportunities come up.

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At Grab, our commitment goes beyond the initial match. If a role isn't the perfect fit initially, we add people to our talent pool. It's remarkable how often they find their ideal match and end up coming to work here anyway!

Top tips to ace the interview

We know that interviews can be a daunting process – but there’s no need to be nervous. These tips will help you ensure that both your values and expertise shine through in your interview. 

Here’s what we look for:

The 4 H’s

Heart, hunger, honour, and humility are essential values we look for in all potential employees–so be sure to personify these traits in your interviews.

Problem-solving and architecture design

In your interview, we’ll ask theoretical questions about your problem-solving abilities and professional skills so be sure to think out loud and walk us through your thought process.

Keeping the big picture in mind

Considering the big picture is crucial for working at Grab. We recommend researching all elements, from back-end processes to how you would improve our existing products and services for the benefit of communities in the region.

Displaying passion for your work

Passion fuels our work at Grab. Show us how you would take the initiative to understand users better and tackle challenging projects. We want to understand what drives you and if you share our vision for improving the lives of millions.

What your first few weeks look like

In your first few weeks at Grab, get ready for a friendly and informative onboarding experience. You'll dive into our culture, values, and learn the ropes of your role. It's all about getting you settled in and excited about being part of the Grab family.

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Hiring FAQs

Discover all the answers you need about Grab's vibrant community, career opportunities, and culture in our FAQ.

Straight after you apply you will receive an email from us letting you know we’ve received your application. If it looks like a match, we’ll be in touch after a few days to organise a screening call online or via mobile. This can vary during busier periods, but we try hard to respond as quickly as possible.

This varies from role to role, but generally, our process takes approximately a month from the initial conversation to the final outcome. But don’t worry, if there are any delays or changes, you can count on your recruiter to keep you updated along the way.

Throughout the hiring process, you’ll meet a mix of people depending on the role. Usually, that’s our recruiter, hiring manager, stakeholders, and some of your potential team members!

Absolutely! Grab offers internships, part-time and contract opportunities across various roles and teams. Keep an eye on our jobs page for the latest openings.

Don’t worry, we're constantly on the lookout to empower our teams with the right talent. Join our Talent Community to be the first to hear about opportunities that match your skill set.

We’re a supportive bunch that’s always striving to push the boundaries of what’s possible and improve everyday life for millions across Southeast Asia – you can find out more about life here on our Why join Grab page.

We have offices in 8 Southeast Asia countries and operate research and development (R&D) centres both inside and outside the region. Check out our Locations page to find opportunities near you.

Great! We have lots of partner opportunities available, but requirements can vary. Please visit the following pages for more information on becoming a delivery, driver, or merchant-partner with Grab.

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