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Diversity in action, every day

At Grab, we're all about embracing everyone's unique perspectives and experiences. It's what keeps us sharp, especially when serving a diverse region like Southeast Asia. Through various inclusion communities, mentorship programmes, and leadership initiatives, diversity is alive at all levels of the business.

Our Inclusion Communities

You’ll find support around every corner at Grab, but our inclusion communities bring together employees with shared identities to support each other, celebrate diversity and ensure everyone feels included and valued.

Women at Grab

We celebrate gender diversity and empowerment through Women at Grab, creating an environment where women can connect, share experiences, and support each other.


Parents at Grab

Recognising the challenges of balancing career and family, Parents at Grab provides a supportive community for working parents, promoting healthy work-life integration.

Immersion programs for your kids

  • Little ones can spend half a day at a GrabKitchen outlet, learning more about where their parents work

Pride at Grab

Our Pride community advocates for inclusion and diversity, creating a space where our group of talented and diverse employees and their allies can feel supported and valued.

Pride celebrations at Grab

  • Grab's Pride Week event covers many countries, hyperlocalised to their needs, and education and awareness is always at the forefront through frequent panel sessions throughout the year

Accessibility at Grab

We embrace people with diverse abilities, including chronic illness, neurodiversity and more. We promote a truly accessible and inclusive workplace, with guidance on etiquette, how to overcome daily challenges and thought-provoking fireside chats.

Champions drive the change

Our Inclusion Champions and Steering Group are the driving forces behind our commitment to diversity and equality.

Our Champions are passionate Grab employees, who actively source ideas and on-the-ground feedback to improve inclusive initiatives. They coach colleagues about inclusive behaviour and collaborate on projects that promote diversity.

Our Inclusion Steering Group is led by diverse leaders across locations and functions. They encourage role modelling and support the formation of more Inclusion Communities.

Together, they champion change and drive our commitment to an inclusive workplace.

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Empathy is in our DNA

Embrace the spirit of giving with 'Love All, Serve All'-our unique initiative that empowers employees (and leaders) to make a positive impact in their communities.

We offer an exciting opportunity for our team members to take Paid Time Off (PTO) to engage in meaningful charity work. Whether it's supporting local causes, volunteering at community events, or contributing to charitable organisations, each of us has the chance to spread kindness and create lasting change.

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We’re all part of something bigger

We’re building a future for everyone at Grab. We help our partners and local businesses build sustainable livelihoods and prepare for any economic challenges.

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