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It's all life

Balancing work and life isn't about compromise; it's about embracing what you love. From sports to music, bites to volunteering, we're here to make every moment count.

How we juggle work and life

We’re all at different stages in life, with different goals and aspirations. So we’re all about supporting one another, giving each other the freedom and respect to juggle work and life however we like. Here’s how some of our people do it.

And help others, together

We don’t just focus on our business alone; we care about our communities in Southeast Asia too. We strive to make a positive and sustainable impact on society. That’s why we give our people the time to volunteer for causes close to their heart, and give them the tools to work on projects that truly matter to them.

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Our Rockstar Communities

Diversity, equality and inclusion are close to our hearts. That's why we have Inclusion Communities across Grab, with strong leaders and active members who come together to foster a true sense of belonging.

Parents at Grab

With parent-child book days and a parent network – this group is dedicated to creating systems that support our mega-multitaskers on their parenting journey.

Pride at Grab

We celebrate Pride and create a safe space for all our communities and allies. We’re here to make Grab an inclusive, supportive place for everyone, regardless of gender or orientation. Join us for learning, meaningful discussions and events!

Women at Grab

We’re all about levelling the playing field for women at Grab. This group uplifts, empowers and champions women, striving for equity, advocating for policy change and having fun along the way.

Accessibility at Grab

We embrace people with diverse abilities, including chronic illness, neurodiversity and more. We promote a truly accessible and inclusive workplace, with guidance on etiquette, how to overcome daily challenges and thought-provoking fireside chats.

We’re all part of something bigger

We’re building a future for everyone at Grab. We help our partners and local businesses build sustainable livelihoods and prepare for any economic challenges.

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