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Navigating Beats to Bytes

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My journey at Grab began as an intern in the Business Process Automation team during my final year in University. Gautam Mishra, Strategy & Projects Manager, was my mentor, and he helped me hone my creative thinking and technical skills. Though I briefly explored other opportunities following the end of my internship, I quickly realised that I missed the lively and friendly atmosphere at Grab. Hence, when someone from the team reached out to offer me a full-time position upon graduation, I eventually rejoined Grab as a Software Engineer - drawn not just to the top-notch tech that powers the platform, but also the supportive environment that values our personal interests as much as our professional growth.

Transitioning from Python to GoLang and diving into AWS and our system infrastructure was quite a challenge. But with the support from our team, including engineers from Grab’s Beijing office, I was able to learn the ropes quickly.

Grab is an employer that really cares about work-life balance, which enabled me to pursue my passion for dance outside of work. The company's culture revolves around championing each employee’s personal hobbies, recognising that a well-rounded life fuels happiness and productivity. My dance studio, located just around the corner from our office, perfectly illustrates how my job at Grab integrates with my love for modern hip-hop dance.

One of the best things about Grab's culture is the company’s focus on learning from feedback. Making mistakes is seen as part of the learning process. Employees are encouraged to try new things and come up with fresh ideas, with assurance that the team has a solutions-oriented mindset. This attitude has been crucial for my growth and learning. At Grab, feedback isn't seen as negative criticism but positioned as a chance to learn and improve.

Getting involved in Grab's different events, from the company’s tech Grab-a-thon to cultural celebrations like Deepavali, has been enlightening. These events are a great chance to meet new people, swap ideas, and really cultivate belonging within Grab's diverse community.

All in all, my time at Grab has been a wonderful mix of growing professionally while still pursuing my passion for dance. The encouraging environment has shown how leading a balanced life can bring one more joy and productivity. My experience at Grab has proven that a supportive and dynamic workplace can help you reach your full potential, in your career and your personal life.


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