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Defending Goals, Developing Code

Defending Goals Developing Code

My journey to Grab was all about finding a place where big things are happening. In Vietnam, where tech is really taking off, Grab is leading the way with ideas and missions to serve billions of users around Southeast Asia. So I wanted to be part of that big picture; working on big engineering challenges at Grab provides the perfect opportunity for me to grow as an engineer while improving my English-language proficiency. Grab's got people from everywhere, and it's always looking ahead, which seemed perfect for what I wanted to achieve.

When I started at Grab, COVID-19 meant we couldn't meet face-to-face. We had to say our first "hellos" on screen. But even though it was all done virtually, the team put in effort to make me feel welcome. They quickly got me up to speed on our projects, showing me how Grab stands strong no matter what's thrown at us.

But my life at Grab isn't just about the job. It's also about my other passion – playing football. I don't just play for fun; it's another place where I put my all into working with a team. I'm the goalkeeper for the Grab Football Club here in Vietnam, and it's a blast. Defending the goal on the field sharpens the same skills I use at work – staying focused and thinking ahead. The teamwork on the pitch is just like teamwork in the office – we all move together to get where we want to be.

Grab is big on the 4H's: Heart, Hunger, Honor, and Humility. For me, 'Hunger' is the one that rings the most true. It's about always wanting to learn more and make a difference, which is exactly the spirit of Grab.I've learned a lot working with Southeast Asia’s leading superapp, but the biggest takeaway has been how important it is to trust your team. It's about sharing the spotlight and valuing what we've done together. That sense of teamwork is something you find in football too.

Grab's way of looking at how well you're doing and helping you move up is really clear and fair. It's all about the quality of the work, which means I can focus on what matters to me professionally and personally.

In the end, working at Grab has been about getting better at what I do, celebrating personal wins, and being part of a community that goes beyond just work. It's taught me that success isn't just about the goals you score on the field; it's about the progress you make and the team bonds you form along the way.

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