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Learning and making an impact

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Before joining Grab, Alfian had two expectations for his next role: to be able to learn every day and to have an impact on people.

After joining Grab, I can safely say that those expectations have been fulfilled.

I started my career at Grab – and it has set the bar high. I’ve been here just over a year and since then I have had a healthy work-life integration and continue to grow every day. Everyone is here to help each other out – from leadership to interns. It’s a culture free of blame and issues don’t remain issues for long. If problems occur, we don’t focus on the cause. We focus on the solution and how we can become better.

I’m a software engineer with the Driver Pricing and Earnings team – because we deal with money management, our team is nicknamed Ka-Ching, which I think is quite funny. 

There are about seven of us in the team and we’re located all over the world – China, India, Singapore and Indonesia. So we work remotely for the most part.

Recently, I took part in our Immersion Programme in Jakarta, shadowing driver-partners and trying to understand any pain points they might have. The point of this programme is to be a good listener, and a good partner to these drivers, to find out exactly what they need to succeed in their job. I take those insights to the team and find the best solutions to their issues. Grab operates in eight countries in Southeast Asia, so that’s a lot of driver-partners who are impacted by the decisions made. That’s why I want to be as great as I possibly can at my job – because it impacts a lot of lives.

Grabbers are encouraged to contribute to the communities in their own meaningful ways and there’s a day of leave you can take to do so! It’s called LASA day and the term LASA means “Love All, Serve All”. So it’s clear that the impact you make runs deeper than just within the business.

On the weekends, I’m a teacher in the church near my home, working with elementary school kids and teenagers and I find that gives me a stronger sense of purpose. I’m also trying to share my knowledge by building a tech community. It’s a small project at the minute but I hope that it will be a great community one day and can help other tech enthusiasts. Teaching is a great way to make an impact on the community. You just need your knowledge and the willingness to share what you know.

So, inside and outside Grab, I’ve been able to gain the two things that I need for fulfilment –  I learn a lot and have an impact on people. That’s why working here is a great opportunity for anyone who holds those same values.

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