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Community, culture... and cats!

Copy Of Amalia

I had heard there was such a positive environment and once I joined Grab, I found that to be more than true. Work isn’t just about work, it’s about growing. Growing as a person, growing friendships, growing the community and of course, growing the company. 

I’ve been able to grow personally, as well as professionally. Because Grab has given me the flexibility to work in a way that suits me, my quality of life has improved and the bond with my family has grown stronger as I can spend more time with them. I now also have time to take care of my furry little friends, the neighbourhood cats. 

I love cats, but unfortunately, I’m not able to keep any in our home – so I’ve unofficially adopted the strays in our neighbourhood.  Because I am allowed to work from home, I can get out for a walk in the morning and evening, and give them some love, attention and food. I’d take them all home with me if I could – but there are two in particular that are always around for petting and feeding, a little black and white fellow I’ve named Comu and another one, who doesn’t have a name yet. They’re really cute and since I practically take care of them, they feel like they are my babies.


But as much as I love having this time, one thing I do miss out on working from home is the friendships. That’s why I enjoy going into the office too. I’m part of the Product Team for Grab Kiosk – there are about 5 of us, and we are quite close. We also get to collaborate with a lot of other departments and stakeholders which is great because you’re always meeting new people and making new friends. We’ve built up a really good dynamic within the team where, even though we all have different roles, we’re always ready to help each other out. Our relationship goes beyond working hours – we’re friends so we’ll often make time to hang out with each other after work and go for food and things like that, so it’s a lot of fun.

And then, there’s the actual impact Grab has on… everything really!

Using Grab makes my personal life easier – whether that’s ordering food or transportation or even paying for things. But more and more I see the impact going beyond the app itself. For example, working in the Grab Kiosk business, I can see how it helps entrepreneurs start their own businesses by selling goods digitally. At the same time, I can see the impact that our team has on helping these people run their businesses. Grab doesn’t just impact one segment, it nurtures a much wider community.

The company supports each Grabber's individual growth too, providing educational content and opportunities to upskill through online courses or the internal mobility programme. 

The dedication to growth is amazing, and it’s something they drive within all of us, the communities and the company.

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