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The sky's the limit


Life before Grab was pretty different for me. I used to fly planes for a commercial airline, so I’m lucky I fulfilled my childhood dream of becoming a pilot. It was scary in the beginning, but it was always very exciting. However, that excitement was cut short as Covid-19 hit the industry hard, putting me on a search for something new. After working briefly at an e-commerce company, my (now) boss reached out to me about joining the Grab team. Having seen all the great things about the superapp, it was an easy decision to make the move, and once again, I was excited!

In aviation, each flight is essentially one project. When we land, it ends, and you’re onto the next one. Grab allowed me to go beyond that, working on many new projects – which I take care of like they are my children. Not only that, but now I get to work with lots of different people, across the business. In most of our cross-functional projects, I’m the first port of call, bringing teams together to meet and talk, leading those meetings, encouraging input from all sides, and ensuring everyone is working happily together. Grab’s business gets bigger and bigger every year so I’m trying to prepare my team for upcoming projects as best I can. 

This can be challenging but I feel very supported by my manager. He sits next to me, which is great because if I’m ever unsure of anything I can just turn around and say “hey boss, what are we doing here?”. We’ve built a good friendship outside the office too – regularly renting bikes and cycling the Suvarnabhumi Airport bike lane together. 

I’ve also been able to share my interest in outdoor activities with other Grabbers and I think this brings us closer as a team. I’m currently training for my fourth Bangsaen21 Half Marathon which can be tough – so sometimes I’ll go running with some of my teammates, just for fun. We’ve been able to build a strong bond and do other things on the weekends like go for food or just hang out. 

If someone was looking to join Grab, I don’t think I’d have to say too much to them – the company is so interesting that it speaks for itself. The sky’s the limit when it comes to opportunities at Grab.

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