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A way of working that's real

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Grab culture is totally different from anywhere else I’ve worked in my entire career.

As a kid, I wanted to be a police officer like my Mom. In my twenties, I was a singer and even formed a band, covering everything from jazz to pop. Now, I’ve been in marketing for about eight years and while what I do for a living has changed, one thing has stayed the same; I love building teams – musical or otherwise. 

I came to Grab about a year and a half ago from a role as head of marketing within the music industry, so this was a completely new challenge for me. GrabAds was the youngest unit in the business and when the role came about I knew it was for me. The opportunity to build things from zero grabbed my attention but when I looked into the culture and spoke with other Grabbers, that’s what really caught my interest. I got to build a team from just me to nine others, some even with zero experience, but all with a passion for digital advertising. When we get together, we just click, and we’re like friends.

Between the team we have, the culture, and hybrid working, I think we’ve created a way of working that’s real. Hybrid really helps everyone who might have felt constrained by other responsibilities like family obligations. Now they have a chance to grow their career and take care of important aspects of their lives such as looking after loved ones.

Within the team, I can make work and personal time clear to everyone and they respect it – it sounds basic but we just use calendars to do that. I put my personal events in there, so they’re visible to everyone and Grabbers respect that of each other. For example, it’s so important to me to be able to spend time with my daughter, Alice. So, if I put something on my calendar at 7pm such as “Alice's dinner time”, everyone can see that I need this time with my daughter, and that works. When you trust your peers to respect your life, they do so and you don’t feel guilty about spending time away from work.

You’re free to speak and share and have your own time without feeling any guilt. You never think “oh no, I missed that meeting”, or “oh, no I’ll have to cancel my plans”. That’s never happened here.

I think that’s a pretty healthy environment – you don’t even have to say it, you just feel it and it shows.

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