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Strong coffees and a stronger community

Copy Of Copy Of Luis@2X

I travel around a lot and I like to collect coffee beans wherever I go, to feed my coffee obsession. My coffee of choice is an espresso but I'm trying to master some latte art too, so I have all the tools you need to make it – the grinder, the funnel, and even the scales.

The whole process is actually quite relaxing, looking for coffee beans with interesting flavours, weighing them out, grinding them up, filtering the coffee – it smells good, it tastes good, and at Grab, being caffeinated definitely helps me keep up with the pace. Two things have remained constant for me at Grab; coffee and change.  

I started at Grab Manila in 2015, doing driver operations and incentives. After about a year there, an opportunity came about in the Bangkok office where they were trying to build the team. So with that, I started flying in and out of Thailand for about six months until I was given the opportunity to make a full transition to Bangkok and be permanently based in the Land of a Thousand Smiles.

I hadn’t planned to move around a lot, but these opportunities allowed me to broaden my perspective, explore living in a different city, and work with different people. Originally, I only planned to stay for a year – but here I am five years later in Thailand and roughly seven years with Grab.   

What I've loved about my Grab experience is that even though I’ve been working with similar subject matter throughout my time here, I've found fulfilment in exploring new places, working with new people, and seeing the impact I make within the company. 

I remember walking into the Grab office for the first time seven years ago and the energy was just unmatched. The start-up vibe was in the air, there was an open floor plan, people were up on their feet and talking to each other across tables, and it just felt really energetic and positive.

Since then, I’ve really seen Grab mature beyond a start-up but it still has that same energy. When we're working together, there’s that open discussion, brainstorming, and figuring out the best way forward. At the same time, it's grown to have the structure and control of a bigger company. So it’s continuing to scale but still keeping people engaged and creative.

All in all, my experience at  Grab has been so full of potential and there are always opportunities brewing.

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